Made from Concentrate – part 1

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

I may have mentioned before that I was from the Kool-Aid generation .  I also think I shared that because of sugar and gas crisis of the 70’s (remember 16% interest rates and borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor?) that my mother used 1/4 cup sugar instead of the recommended 1 cup.

That made the first quart or so a little tough going down, but that last glass?  My sisters and I used to fight over that last glass as all the sugar settled down at the bottom of the pitcher making it oh so sweet!  It was that last glass that made me understand why kids would yell…

 “Hey Kool-Aid!”

I also remember at church for communion Sunday, my mom mixing Welch’s grape juice from the can.  She would squeeze the can and a slushy, icy, gooey concoction would ooze out into the pitcher.  She would then fill up three cans of water and pour it into the pitcher…actually she used 4 cans to make it stretch further (ssshhh!).


As I stood beside her, I would take the lid from the grape juice and lick the top.  My mouth would pucker and my glands would go into overload, but it was oh so good.

“Momma, why is this so good?” I asked, still smacking my lips.

Baby, it’s made from concentrate“, she answered, opening another can to get ready for the congregation.

Why do you add water?  It is great right out of the can!” I exclaimed licking the next top she handed me.

Most people can’t handle concentrate.  That’s why the directions on the can tell me to dilute it with water.”

“Well, I love concentrate!”

You are special, super-human, you can handle anything,” she answered rubbing my head.

Some of you immediately see the connection, the metaphor, the simile…dare I say, the parable.

Some of what is keeping you from your greatness is not the environment, the economy, the boss, the leads, the haters or the cold of winter.  It is simply that you are not concentrating on your goal in an effective manner.

What I know is that the best things are…

Made from Concentrate!

Pursue Your Greatness!  Until next time, I wish you Money, Power, Success!

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