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You have 100 Sales People On The Team…Yet Only 20 Are Carrying The Organization – WHY?

That means 80% of our teams can be deemed marginal at best.  As a result, companies resolve themselves to the notion that 80/20 results are a foregone conclusion and that time and money spent in developing their entire teams is counter-intuitive, or worse, counter-productive

They increase revenue and the odds of success by recruiting broadly…developing narrowly

The 80% Are Missing A Key Ingredient

This leaves the vast majority of sales teams with no guidance or individual development beyond initial training programs.  This has systematically created the collateral damage of high turnover, burn-out victims, and “round peg in square hole” sales people.  

There are many in the 80% that are on the brink of success.  They only need one more ingredient to make it through the gauntlet.  

Sadly, many may never get that ingredient. 

What if you could broaden the number of steady producers in your company and get 70/30 or 60/40?  Simply getting more production from more people.

Win-win, right?

Chances are your 20% superstars are “naturals” at sales.  They had the aptitude and attitude.  They completed the training and hit the ground running.  Why?  The training/product resonated with their natural sales voice…it didn’t require development – it was uncovered through training and developed through time and experience.

The concepts presented in The Sales Crumb Trilogy are the foundation of my training approach.  It was written to reaffirm the core elements of time-tested sales professionalism – Integrity, Sincerity and a Desire to Serve – while providing excellent product solutions – your products.  It is inspirational and instructional and focuses on a more holistic human approach – life mastery as well as sales mastery.  They are not mutually exclusive and are the key to unlocking your team members true potential.

Increase Their Sales by Unleashing Their Authentic Sales Voice

It is time to allow each individual on your team to use their own “authentic sales voice”. Developing this voice will provide first nature confidence and not second nature training that requires them to exercise great will to execute.  Certainly, there are core elements of sales that are scientific, but there is the art of sales that is born out of individuality that should not be pigeon-holed, categorized, or suppressed through rote scripting. 

The “Crumbs” training approach outlines the “science of sales” but appreciates the idiosyncratic nature of the “art of sales” and creates an avenue, through this engaging parable, for people to discover their voice.

What Does All Of This Mean To Your Organization?

Higher retention of the best employees, increased morale and productivity…all vital to your bottom line….and a successful event and training program that will continue to be talked about long after it is over…guaranteed!

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