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Everyone is born special, but it takes inspiration and instruction to become exceptional.

Brandon L Clay

Storyteller. Strategist. Coach

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I dusted off this old series for my friends in sales, who need a different approach to growing their business in 2021. 

I made these videos in 2014, but the best strategies endure the test of time!

Today's Short Story

Featured Short Story Series -The Question of You

Get to know Brandon

I have been in the profession of sales for 35 years and seen it from all perspectives. I believe that there is no cookie cutter approach to creating high sales achievers. I recognize that each individual has special needs to unleash their greatest potential. I have been fortunate that each leadership opportunity has allowed me to grow and develop my “Authentic Voice” – a unique one that has transcended industry and economy.

While my focus is on sales, I believe Self/Life Mastery comes first. Everything I do is about helping people change for the better.  I endeavor to accomplish this through entertaining, enlightening and empowering books, programs and live events expressly for the purpose of Helping Millions Achieve Success…One At A Time.