Brandon L Clay

Meet Brandon

My Story

I have been in the profession of sales for 30 years and seen it from all perspectives. I believe that there is no “cookie cutter” approach to creating high sales achievers. I recognize that each individual has special needs to unleash their greatest potential. I have been fortunate that each leadership opportunity has allowed me to grow and develop my “Authentic Voice” – a unique one that has transcended industry and economy.

I believe that sales is vital to life and that everyone has the ability to connect in a way that can help them sell successfully.  Where most people have a challenge is trying to duplicate “the voice” they received in training or imitating others.  It makes you sound un-natural and requires “will power” to keep it up – that is exhausting

My goal is to help people find their own Authentic Sales Voice and to become successful "in their own skin".

I have built a reputation as a great storyteller – using words to encourage people, build consensus in teams, and make the sum of the parts greater than the whole. The power of transformation through effective words is my one of my greatest gifts and now I am using my “authentic voice” to impact a broader audience.

In 2011, I was inspired to write the first volume of The Sales Crumbs TrilogySales Crumbs from the Master’s Table. I distributed several thousand copies to sale professionals from all walks of life, various countries and industries as a pilot. The reaction was overwhelming and confirming. The follow-up volumes in the series have been met with the same positive response as sales people relate to the central character, Matthew Palmer – seeing themselves in the pages – giving them hope, direction and inspiration for their own success.

My mission is to create a new developmental approach to generating higher sales effectiveness and life mastery. I want to be the voice of inspiration and instruction that will allow you to go to higher levels of personal and professional achievement.  Given the opportunity, I know I can help you achieve greater results

Add your voice to the thousands of sales people who are like-minded in their desire to see our profession flourish and evolve to one of great respect…join the sales revolution.

I welcome you and wish you Money, Power, and Success!


My Leadership Style

I consider myself a “player’s coach”.  Someone who has walked the walk for over 30 years.  I am uniquely qualified to help you or your organization change.  My CliftonStrengths and Myers Briggs profiles provide more insight into my leadership qualities and style.


Your Top 5 Themes
1. Strategic
2. Input
3. Positivity
4. Futuristic
5. Learner


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