Sales Crumbs from the Master's Table

Author Commentary with Brandon

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Chapter 2 Commentary

Key Lessons

The Power of Human Connection

Get to know the people around you. The places you frequent are filled with people who have unique stories and perspectives. As John Maxwell asserts, "We should not network...we should connect".

We Need to be Memorable

The best way to make sure someone remembers your name is to remember theirs - the law of reciprocity is powerful. When you are meeting people for the first time, it is more important to "make an impression" than to try to "impress" them.

What would the people around you say about you?

If the people in your inner circle were introducing you to someone, what would they say? What about your clients? memorable, and make it all about them...they will say great things about you!

Gratitude - Giving - Receiving

Gratitude will open your heart and mind to giving. Giving is the catalyst to receiving. Receiving is the fluid process that builds wealth. Give thanks for your current opportunity; give great service to all who will receive you. Expect abundance in proportion to that service!

Let your desire (demand) create supply (clients).

If you are currently struggling or not achieving at a desired level, understand that need doesn't always create supply...demand does. Need without effort requires a handout. Don't wait for something to happen (handout), make it happen!

When your crowd arrives, Throw everything you have at it...hold back nothing!

Raving fans - the small crowd that you serve with high sincerity, integrity, and solutions (product) are the key to repeat business, referrals and job satisfaction (fulfillment). 

Peace is the real key to performance.

Peace combined with Power equals Poise. Power comes from confidence in your ability (gained through knowledge and experience). What if you don't have the ability yet? Then confidence comes from your belief that everything will be ok...that God will take care of you. Do you believe that?

If it is possible for "them," it is possible for you. Have faith in that truth!

Renewed faith means that faith exists but needs restoration, revival, and resurrection. Have you ever been successful? Then your past triumph (likely based on overcoming the odds) is a basis for belief right now.