Sales Crumbs from the Master's Table

Author Commentary with Brandon

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Chapter 14 Commentary

Key Lessons

Gratitude (thanksgiving) is the foundation of Giving (sharing) which in turn is the catalyst for Receiving (wealth).

LeRoy's simple abstinence from bread creates a deeper consideration of what life is about: sharing. Ever had something great (or not so great) happen and the first thing you wanted to do was share it with someone? Sharing is a basic but high yield human experience. It makes food taste better, sunrises more dramatic, and great golf shots even better. Sharing requires others. It is hard to share when you are alone!

"How" you share is as - or more - important than "if" you share.

As kids, when one of us was fortunate enough to have candy, it revealed a lot about the sharing technique. There was the "take what I give you" approach. The "you are lucky I am sharing" position. The coup de grace "I am only sharing because momma made me!" As a rebellious, proud brother of two sisters, depending on how they were "sharing" my reaction might have been "If that is the way you are giving...I ain't taking!" Though I might want it (or in the case of candy - need it) I would turn it down.

Giving and Receiving

The most generous times (which were rare) my sisters would hand me the bag of candy and say, "Reach in and take what you like." That demonstrates the generosity of the giver and requires the right intention of the "receiver." That process requires trust -creating a relationship!

In its essence, sales is sharing.

Salespeople share time, energy, and resources hoping for an auspicious outcome. No guarantees, only a possibility. We can increase that possibility based on our approach - how we share.

The Sales Sharing Techniques are limitless but can be broadly categorized as follows:

Selling by Telling: Part and parcel with "Take what I give you.” Can I help you? - Analogous to the "You are lucky that I am sharing" or "The boss (momma) is watching and making me share (serve you)." Then there is the ultimate, "Take what you want/need" which is a process of uncovering needs/desires, discovering the clients’ preferred delivery style, and guiding them to "take what they need” from the bag of your solutions and products.