Sales Crumbs from the Master's Table

Author Commentary with Brandon

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Chapter 17 Commentary

Key Lessons

"Working through" for a Breakthrough

Matt forgoes lunch with colleagues looking for a breakthrough. When you need a breakthrough, you may need to "work through." Work through lunches, television shows, afternoon golf, and excuses. Push against and lean on the Law of Averages. The breakthrough will come!

What you are exposed to continually, you will emulate (subconscious action).

Remember the Seinfeld episode when Mr. Pitt ate his Snickers bar with a fork and knife? It appeared strange the first time, but by the end of episode, people could be seen doing it everywhere. Say "Happy Monday!" to everyone and in a short while a few will do it back...then more...then critical mass...then it becomes the norm. I have done it in two work environments and it caught on!

In an environment where sales opportunities are more challenging to come by, cultivation of sales is vital.

The key to cultivation is understanding that the client "in your hand" beats the two that are "in the bush." Sadly, most people do not keep in contact with their clients (largely defeating the purpose of calling them "clients").

Clients are the key to the best sources of sales: repeat business and referrals.

The first key to strengthening the relationship that consummated the sale is to stay in contact Reinforce. With strategically planned client outreach (via a CRM software program - aptly named Customer Relationship Management) you reinforce their buying decision, the importance of them as clients and your relationship. Most buyers' remorse symptoms can be treated with Reinforcement.

Building client confidence

In a world where people can turn down a "friend request," how willing do you think your client is to put you in front of their "real friends" if you have not merited the platform? Getting to that Holy Grail takes time (as you reinforce), and proper cultivation of opportunities when they emerge. The most powerful tool in the Reinforce arsenal is Gratitude - saying "Thank you" for their business and relationship. Remember them at critical stages of their lives, and be there when life brings inevitable changes. Become creative in those interactions, so that you are more memorable.

Gaining referrals

Once clients are confident in you as a sales professional and the product has performed, you are in a position to ask for the next sale, or leverage their social networks to cultivate more opportunity. Is it worth all of the effort? Of course it is! The most powerful introduction a client can make is to another potential client. There is an automatic transference of credibility and rapport. As a result you become elevated from a sales professional to trusted advisor - then you are a true part of their lives.