Sales Crumbs from the Master's Table

Author Commentary with Brandon

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Chapter 20 Commentary

Key Lessons

Your first sale!

Can you remember your first sale? Maybe you are still waiting for it! It is an exciting event and most professionals can recall with great fondness how they "broke the seal" on their sales career.

Take great care when preparing and presenting your solutions, products and services.

Think of how much energy and resources have gone into getting you to this "moment of truth." You want to make the most compelling case possible. Until you are consciously competent, have someone review your proposal or presentation before you present to a client.

Even when you are presenting your solution, still engage the client's voice in the proceedings.

If clients have acquired knowledge or have concerns they want to express or... let them. You shouldn't lose control; you are simply "sharing the stage." The most experienced sales professionals understand that many clients will "sell themselves the product" through inclusion into the sales presentation!

Do a thorough job of explaining the product.

A full product manual review may not be necessary, but in explaining more than required you insure that the product you sell is the product they expect and will get. Revealing the additional features that might not have been vital can be the icing on top!

Stay connected to your roots.

For the seasoned professional, it is important to stay rooted in how you became successful through the humble beginnings. Be willing to share that with the "newbie" who is anxiously awaiting their turn...their first sale!