Sales Crumbs from the Master's Table

Author Commentary with Brandon

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Chapter 4 Commentary

Key Lessons

"Hope springs eternal" - Alexander Pope

When faced with apparently insurmountable odds or difficult conditions, we are engrafted with an indelible seed of hope. Hope is earnest expectation... a willingness to be excited about the future. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire (hope) when it comes is a tree of life" - Proverbs 13:12

Hope and Doubt

Hope comes as we see others succeed, as we hear an inspirational word, as we have an epiphany about our products and how to market them. Then comes doubt. In sales, it is usually an egregious form of self-doubt manifesting as an external problem (these leads are bad, my product is priced too high, or my competition has a better product). Self-doubt is normal but you only have two options to deal with it: fall back or push forward.


The "Why's" you establish will get you over the hump of fear, procrastination and any other form of doubt that manifests. "Why" provides the spurs you need in your side to press forward in full gallop!


Don't worry if you have not developed full comprehensive plans as yet. "How" will emerge as you move in hope and faithfulness making the calls, working up the proposals, offering your solutions. If you work for a company that has offered training, you have received the core elements of "how" to be successful. As you immerse yourself in that template, you will be guided to all the additional elements you need to achieve your goals.

Why are you here for your clients? 

After looking at your life, we need to look at your target audience. "I am here to provide high quality products, delivered with the highest level of service, honesty, and professionalism," Matt says. That is what the client expects - though in today's environment even the basics of professionalism are sorely lacking. What will cut you from the herd of all others is to be driven by a personal Mission Statement.

Crafting a Mission Statement

A properly crafted mission statement is the primary message you would want to convey to clients in a few words. It is your calling card above and beyond the usefulness of your product. It is your core statement of service and the desired outcome of that service as a benefit to your clients.

As long as your mission is still viable, you can still be valuable long into your "golden years"

Your mission statement will propel you and sustain you in the hard times and successful times. Sales is a profession from which you never have to retire. I am fortunate enough to have several mentors and examples of sales stalwarts that are in their 70's and still going strong! They don't need the money...they are still in the throes of service.