Sales Crumbs from the Master's Table

Author Commentary with Brandon

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Chapter 5 Commentary

Key Lessons

Recognize that you are an extension of your company and its (your) products.

In this "what about me" world it is easy to forget that we owe the companies we represent an ROI (Return on Investment). We may not agree with all that happens within our company and its impact on the products we are there to represent, but we must continue to provide that ROI to the best of our ability.

Do you love sales? Do you believe it to be a noble profession?

The most basic ROI that you owe the company is to love the profession of selling and understand its nobility. I have worked for several companies in various industries. I have had varying degrees of love for the specific products, but I could always maintain that I loved sales. I always believed that I was doing good to help people get the products they desired, or to solve pressing problems.

Sales is about connection: linking a buyer with seller.

The best ideas would not see the light of day if it weren't for professional sellers. From the most frivolous "fad" products that bring one hour of enjoyment to the critical items such as mobile heart monitors. They all require a professional seller to demonstrate and distribute to the desiring population. Focus on the positive things that your product does for your clients, your company, and the greater economy that lives and breathes though the equations of supply/demand, and people's income (and outgo) - you are vital in that system!

Three Perks: Emancipation

If being part of that equation were not enough, sales provides the professional with three "perks" that are seldom found in other careers. At one point in my career, I felt stifled and limited by a 9-5 desk job. I was using only a small portion of my gifts. Then I found sales again. Sales brought me freedom. The kind of freedom that scares some and liberates others. Relish the fact that you call the shots, but be driven by the fact that you will only eat by the sweat of your brow!

Three Perks: Gratification

The next perk is Gratification. Selling ice cream brings joy. Helping someone buy their home brings fulfillment. Expertly tailoring a suit for a recent college graduate brings confidence. How can you not feel great about what you do to impact people in their daily lives?

Three Perks: Payoff

Now comes the payoff - literally. In most organizations, sales professionals at the top of their game, are the most highly compensated people in the company. Remuneration is proportional to the value you create for the clients and the corresponding ROI to the company.

Wealth and Worthiness

Wealth and Worthiness are not mutually exclusive and not diametrically opposed. In fact, they go hand in hand. Feel good about being fulfilled and satisfied with a good day's service. Give yourself permission to love what you do, the value you create, the value you receive. Feel powerful!

As I serve, I deserve.

Say it three times, and mean it!!