Sales Crumbs from the Master's Table

Author Commentary with Brandon

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Chapter 6 Commentary

Key Lessons

The first steps are always the hardest and filled with the most trepidation.

If you are new to sales, or developing yourself to reach a new level then you have to take new and courageous action.

Get excited about each new day! Your mental state has a magnetic quality that draws corresponding positive or negative "metals" into your life.

I am not saying be a Pollyanna and see an empty glass as half full - but at least recognize that you even have a glass to fill! Don't begin your day absorbing entities that remind you of the perils of life. The first things you expose yourself to each day become your mental "breakfast" - eat something that will get your day started right.

Take a bold step.

Are you one of those that stick their big toe into the water to check the temperature? Timid beginnings equal timid endings! Jump right in and your body will adjust to the temperature of its surroundings. Dive right in each day: make the hard phone calls, structure your proposals, face the music with the manager.

Eat your vegetables!

When I was little, my mother made us eat our vegetables as a condition of getting dessert. I would kick and scream fighting my way through slimy okra and runny cabbage. Seeing my younger sister already enjoying the Red- Velvety spoils of war gave me the strength to muddle through (bite by bite) even though eating vegetables was a major battle for me. Today, I love vegetables...yes, even brussels sprouts! There will come a time in your development that what was once tough and arduous will simply become nutritious!

Pay for partnership and education.

To reach a new level of client, or to simply "get your feet wet" 30% of something is better than 100% of nothing. You must be willing to pay for your development - the best network marketing companies understand this and structure their hierarchies as a combination of mentor/student relationships that have commission splits as "tuition"

While building Competence, Chemistry can see you through.

Chemistry is vital to any sales transaction that is not commodity driven. Even the 10 year veteran that does not establish basic chemistry will not likely make the sale. Conversely, a 10-day newbie that generates chemistry can muddle their way through to sales consummation.

If you are new to sales be comforted - we all had to start somewhere! Before you are an expert, there is a path to success.

First, establish chemistry with a prospective client. Then take your inherent conviction, passion, and honesty and mix it with your current learning and limited experiences. Combined, they will open the avenue to offering a product solution. Chemistry is not a license to "overpromise and under-deliver" but establishes the right for you to be imperfect - which takes much of the pressure of performance away.