Sales Crumbs from the Master's Table

Author Commentary with Brandon

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Chapter 7 Commentary

Key Lessons

Happy Monday!

In the second half of my sales career, I began the practice of wishing everyone a "Happy Monday!" and "Happy Friday!" face to face, by phone, and email. While no one questioned "Happy Friday," everyone was initially thrown off by the Monday greeting. As I see it, Monday is a day of revival - a chance to start fresh. Friday is a day of celebration. Saturday is "catch-up" day and Sunday, a day of reflection, rest and renewal.

People want to be celebrated, not tolerated.

Before long, everyone began greeting me this way: "Happy Monday!" and "Happy Friday!" It became a bit of a calling card. Why? Enthusiasm is contagious. Greet everyone as if you are truly excited to see them - and mean it!

Don't mistake chemistry for the permission to go too far, too fast.

Chemistry creates the avenue to further the sales process, but does not allow you to skip steps and go right to the close (unless they tell you they want it now!)

Be patient.

Uncovering the needs and desires of your clients requires patience. You already know their answer (you have done this a thousand times), but this is a "first" for many of them.

Tailor your sale's voice to meet your client's need.

Determine what they want and need, and be governed by your business intuition of how they make buying decisions. Then, tailor your "sales voice" and approach to best suit that need. It is a form of courtship where a long term successful relationship is desired.

Relationship is about before, during and after the sale.

Sale's relationships set the stage for increased opportunity via repeat sales, higher persistency, and the holy grail of sales: renewals.