Let me introduce you to 3 people

The YOU that you see

The YOU that people see


The real you is not ordinary – The real you is extraordinary!

This program is designed to help you see the REAL YOU!

Meet the YOU that you see

This is your self-image.  It is based on a summary of what you have accomplished, or failed to accomplish.  Your self-image began the moment you had a conscious recognition of yourself – as a small child taking your first steps or saying your first words.  You had people around you who cheered you on, recognized your accomplishments and helped nurture a strong self-image…if you were fortunate

As we get older, the cheering wanes, and life becomes laden with trials that bring setbacks and heartaches.  We begin to question our abilities – who we are and how we are made.  We begin to limit our dreams – what we are capable of doing and being with this precious gift of life.

We see ourselves through the opaque lens of doubt and it distorts the view of who you are.  You struggle with the paradox of desire and doubt.  With this self-image, we give half-hearted attempts and it shows in our progress, or lack thereof.  It is commonly known as self-sabotage.

How do you see yourself?

Meet the YOU that people see

This is the assessment people make of you with a passing glance, a brief encounter or after getting to know you over a period of time.  While it doesn’t seem fair, we all make hierarchal judgements about people from the moment we say “hello”.  To combat these pre-judgements (prejudices), we strive to fit in, to conform to the image that make us relatable and likeable. 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with the desire to be liked, if “peer pressure” is driving the way you act around people, it is causing you to drift further from your true self.  That is a high price to pay for friendships and relationships that are not based on the authentic you – it can’t last.  If you look over your life and the times you tried to fit in, you recognize it leads to an emptiness and a longing for true relationships where you can let your guard down…to be you.

It’s time to stop caring or worrying about what people think and contorting to fit in. 

How do you see yourself?

Time to meet The REAL YOU

The Real You is the highest and best you.  It is as unique as a snowflake, fingerprint or eyeball.  Never once seen or ever to be seen again.  The Real You is a little quirky, a little “cray cray”…a misfit.  Sure, it will be uncomfortable for a season, but when the Real You flourishes, you will find that special place where you belong…where you fit.  Life becomes fulfilling and authentic.  Begin to visualize The Real You and the impact you could have on those you love and the world at-large.  Can you see it?

It feels liberating.  It feels good.  It feels right.

Take a moment and give thanks that there is no one else like you.  That God made you for such a time as this and He makes no mistakes:

“I will give thanks and praise to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Psalm 139:14

Time to stop being fearful and time to be marvelous!!!

How do you see yourself?

Let me introduce you to the program that will help you become The REAL YOU

You. Change. Now!

If You Ready To Live An Extraordinary Life then it's time

You. Change. Now!

You. Change. Now! is a 7-Day Life Transformation program designed to help you get clear on what you want out of life and gives you the tools to obtain them!

This program will work for you…regardless of where you find yourself today. It is progressive and uses proven techniques of success and achievement. The outline of your 7-day transformational journey;

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Day 1 - Elevate Your Mind

The key to success is your thoughts. In order to reach a higher level of achievement, you must raise your level of expectation and desire...in this explosive first session, we will show you the “Possible Future”!

Day 2 - Activate th Triune Mind

The mind is the machine of attainment of everything you desire. This session will take you through a Life Transforming Goal Workshop, where you will forge your future!

Day 3 - Strategize

Once your goals are expressed, the next step is determining “How” they will be achieved. Regardless of your destiny, there is a roadmap for you to follow...one that guarantees success!

Day 4 - Eliminate Fear

To reach your destinations, you must be able to address the one thing that distracts or dissuades you - fear. Understanding that fear is natural, but has to be “manufactured” is key to sustained action!

Day 5 - Focus on a Goal

The greatest achievers in history were driven by the object of their desires and remained focused in spite of circumstances. Discipline is the key factor for success and can be developed!

Day 6 - Master Money

The current economic environment mandates that you “get a grip” on your finances. Simultaneously, this environment has expanded opportunity for people with ideas, innovation, and courage. This program contains simple concepts for stunning results!!!

Day 7 - Achieve Balance

In order to live a complete life, you will have to find fulfillment in every area of your life. The happiest people are those that find the time to “stop and smell the roses” on the road to success.