Everyone is born great, but it takes inspiration and instruction to become exceptional.

Brandon L Clay


A powerful story can captivate and change lives.  I have been using simple stories my entire life to inspire and transform.


Ideas are the catalyst of change.  One of my core strengths is the ability to see opportunity where others see challenge.


Each of us needs accountability.  When we can’t summon the discipline required to start or finish, we need a voice to push us to excellence.

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Short Stories - My Blog

Sometimes, we all need a jolt.  A daily “vitamin” that prompts us to higher thought and action.  You will find something here that will inspire and instruct.

Ideas for Change - My Videos

People have a great desire to change and evolve, but may lack planning to make it happen.  Here, you will find the strategies you need for success.

Your Life Coach - My Courses

I want to be the voice of inspiration and instructions to help you succeed.  Given the opportunity, I know I an help you achieve greater results.

Get to know Brandon

I have been in the profession of sales for 35 years and seen it from all perspectives. I believe that there is no cookie cutter approach to creating high sales achievers. I recognize that each individual has special needs to unleash their greatest potential. I have been fortunate that each leadership opportunity has allowed me to grow and develop my “Authentic Voice” – a unique one that has transcended industry and economy.

While my focus is on sales, I believe Self/Life Mastery comes first. Everything I do is about helping people change for the better.  I endeavor to accomplish this through entertaining, enlightening and empowering books, programs and live events expressly for the purpose of Helping Millions Achieve Success…One At A Time.         

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