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Words to Live By

Words have power, and especially in the realm of beauty, how we speak about ourselves is important

Crystal Hanna Kim

American Author


What are words? 

They are the way we convey the innermost thoughts from our mind. A way to turn the electric impulses of inspiration, ideas and emotion into tangible things that can be transferred and translated to others. Words are how we turn “a picture” into a “1,000 words”.  

Words are containers. Spoken vividly, words become the plastic mold of our dreams and aspirations. Spoken passionately, they become the catalyst of our actions. Spoken frequently, they inform those actions we do automatically as habit. This progression of how we use words then determines what experiences we will enjoy or endure in life…our destiny. 

Make your words count. Let them dictate (pun intended) the things you want out of life; the things you will do in life and the difference you will make. 

In 1993, I had decided to start a business where I would help people with their finances – think Larry Burkett or Dave Ramsey. I had been through a decade of financial chaos and my promise to God was, “Help me…and I will help people.” I started with a small gospel radio station and would do a live broadcast weekly called, The Journey to Prosperity. 

The disc jockey (do they still call them that?) asked me what my “tagline” was. I had never really thought about it, but in the spontaneity of the moment I said, 

“Helping Millions Achieve Success…One At A Time.” 

That has stuck with me the past 27 years. Each word in that phase means something to me. It reminds me that my mission is helping people achieve success. While my ultimate goal is to help millions, I am reminded, daily, to remain humble and help “the one at a time” that Providence sends to me. 

While service-minded, make no mistake, I want to make a good living doing this. In the law of reciprocity, that means that as I help them, good things will happen for me. That gave birth to my Law of Compensation (sorry Emerson!) that allows me to feel good about the money I make… 

“As I serve, I deserve.” 

I have evolved and merged those two into my work/life mantra, 

“Having Fun Helping People, Enjoying Rich Experiences While Building Great Wealth” 

As most of you know, it is hard to separate what you do for a living…from your life. That is why it is important to have a passion for what you do so it no longer feels like work. Sit down today and write down the words, your mantra, that will govern your work, your service to others and what you expect to receive in exchange for that work and service. 

Over time, your thoughts that become your words, which will become your actions, habits, character and ultimately, your destiny. Who knows, they may become your… 

Words To Live By! 

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