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20/20 Vision

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success

Henry Ford


Back in the early 90’s, I had hit the big time.  I had gotten my Series 7 license and began selling securities.

The firm fell under scandal so I left…hey, it wasn’t me! I wanted a legitimate opportunity, so I went to The Rock (no, not Alcatraz – I told you I wasn’t involved!) 

Prudential is The Rock I am referring to. 

The first interview was a “cattle call” with over 100 people in the room. It cleared quickly once the facilitator announced it was straight commission. 

Been theredone that…I didn’t flinch…and then there were 40 of us left! 

In the second interview, I dazzled them with a stand-up selling role play in front of the 39 other candidates. I have NEVER been afraid to get up and speak.  Ok, maybe to girls 1:1 in high school. Give me a breakI already explained that in a previous post! 

And then there were 10! 

When I got the call for the third interview, guess what they made me do? 

Bring my spouse… 


You heard meFor an hour and a half, she was their main focus. They showed her company presentations, asked her questions about me, about life and goals. The audacity, the unmitigated gall! 

The sales director told us at the end of the interview, that of the thousands of salespeople they hire, the most successful were those that had supportive spouses. 

So, spouses were prescriptively given a deeper view of the company, the opportunity.   

At the end of that long night only four of us remained – spouses were the difference maker. That is the second component of the M.V.P Award that you are going to give your spouse. 

The Vision. 

Do you have a vision for your business? It’s okay if you don’t, but it is not okay if you don’t make one…now! 

The vision is a blueprint of what you want your business to become, to grow and evolve into. I know that paying bills may be the short-term vision but that is not enough motivation for you…or your spouse. 

Think sexy (got your attention, right?) …go wild (just stay off the chandelier!) 

Do you want to build an agency or call center? 

Do you want to hire staff? 

Do you want to become a high six-figure earner or be a 7-figurgiant in your industry? 

Do you want to contract with additional companies and integrate additional lines of business into your portfolio? 

The Vision should be compelling, energizing and should support the family goals that will be largely funded through this enterprise. The new home, the car, the kids college education, are not the vision for this exercise…it is the business that will be the primary financing vehicle, that is the star of this vision show…your business! 

More importantly, The Vision should be shared. 

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18 

Marriages die from a lack of unified vision…di-vision. 

No one can get excited about something they are not included in, or that they do not understand. That is a lesson I learned from The Rock. 

Oh yes, after four grueling interviews and three weeks, I got the job. 

didn’t take it… 

Their vision wasn’t our vision. 

We held out for 20/20 Vision.

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