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Spouses Deserve the M.V.P.

No relationship is all sunshine but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.


Sales and Marriage?

Brandon, what are you doing? It’s one thing for you to celebrate your marriage, but now you are getting in my business?


My mission to help you achieve success…in saleand in life. 

I know it seems strange to have a discussion on sales and marriage, but in my travels and training over the last 25 years, I have seen the need to address this time and time again. 

At times, I begin a conversation with someone I just met, we invariably move from the sometimes superficial “we love sales” mantra to talking about real life…. yes, husbands and wives. 

Because I would have just delivered a rousing speech or training (you must see me live!), and will be gone tomorrow, our time together is limited and sometimes the real “truth” surfaces quickly and comes in various forms. 

“Because my income is so unpredictable, it causes a lot of heartache and arguments.”  

“My spouse doesn’t understand how hard sales is – the amount of weight I am under to generate prospects and keep business on the books.”  

“Every day I fight rejection, pressure from management to produce, and my own self-doubt.”  

“I am working hard to hold it all together…I feel like I am on my own.”  

These sessions usually end with,  

“Sometimes, I am not sure we are going to make it.” 

That’s a downerHey, I thought this daily thing was supposed to be inspirational? 

It is…I am inspiring you to deal with the most important part of your life. Your spouse! What is the #1 argument for all married couples? 

We would all guess money, right?  

Since most sales professionals are on some kind of low base/incentive structure (or straight commission!), then money can be a sensitive topic. Especially if you are new to sales, just changed companies and have no pipeline, or if you are struggling to keep it all together – just making your quota and supporting your family with basics. 

I know and understand…I have been there. 

It is difficult to explain to anyone that has never been in sales, the challenges and commitment it takes to truly break out and have successThe kind of success you dreamed of when you were first introduced to sales.  

You remember? The “100k opportunity in sales” Ad you answered”? 

You got excited. It felt right, you pursued it and you got the job. Congratulations! 

You then explained the opportunity (the best you could) to your spouse – all they heard was the six-figure income. Like you, they believed in the opportunity and more importantly, they believed in you – if you are lucky! 

The opportunities are real, but it takes time, energy, and focus to get to successful level. The level where the “lack of money” issues doesn’t drive wedges in the monthly bill paying sessions. The level where the seasonal ups and downs are not reflected in ups and downs in the marriage. 

I am not naïve (just optimistic!), and I know money won’t fix all the things that a bad marriage creates, but for those that just need to bring financial stability to an otherwise loving environment, I bring a message of hope, honor and reconciliation.  

For those of you that are not married (what are you waiting for?), that aren’t struggling (truly wonderful!), I apologize for the next couple of days…bear with us married folk! 

But for those of you that feel me on this topic…say “Amen”. 

I have an answer that will seem simple on the surface, but I have seen it bridge difficulties, discouragement, and disagreements. I have seen it revive, renew and resurrect marriages. 

If you indulge me and engage in the process, you can create the one thing I deem most vital to having any form of real success, but particularly in salespeace at home. 

Your spouse deserves the M.V.P Award…we present it tomorrow. 

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