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The Bionic Salesperson

The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.


Greek Philosopher

Mad Scientist Diary…Day #5.  Before I hook up the electrodes to bring this sales machine to life, I want to take inventory of the parts of my creation:

Heart of a Lion – We started with the intangibles. The things that cannot always be measured – Energy, Work Ethic, Passion, AmbitionDisciplined, IndependentAdaptableCommitmentCourage, and Confident. All these attributes culminating into someone who is not easily discouraged, and will remain focused on the task at hand, until success is wrenched from the opportunities in front of them. 

A Beautiful Mind – Beyond academics, we engrafted our super salesperson with qualities that allow them to find solutions where others think none exist. Such as IntelligenceSmartInnovativeIngenuityCreativityIntuitiveInstinctStrategicProblem Solving, and Mental Agility. This blend of brawn and brains is the foundation of the ultimate warrior that understands the opportunities in front of them but is not afraid to do the work of cultivating and harvesting those opportunities. 

Next, we added the Golden Rule– Attributes of Integrity, Service Mindset, Sincerity, Conscientiousness, and Caring. 

We added two ears and one mouth to ensure our super salesperson listens actively and communicates effectively. 

All that is left is to give them industrious hands and feet that are always in motion. The best salespeople are kinetic and are a moving target. They are at work on their craft and looking for better ways to be effective and serve their clients.  I have all I need. I think we are ready… 

Zap! Zap! Zap! 

This ultimate sales machine slowly comes to life. In a new environment of opportunity, it takes a moment to get its bearings. Scouting out the new surroundings and getting acclimated to the new product they are going to sell. Two weeks of orientation and training…and they are off!  Even though they were created for perfection, there is still a learning curve. Each positive experience and each challenge provides new data for them to evaluate and make adjustments. Success may not come immediately, but each day progress is made.  

The first sale brings jubilation and the first seeds of confidence. They get continued coaching and help to make sure good habits are engrained and established. In the first weeks they meet and exceed all the metrics established by their industry and company.  They are well on their way to success! 

What about you?  We started this series with the question… 

Would you hire you? 

Taking a fresh look at the qualities and attributes of the highest sales achievers, I believe you possess many of them. They are the qualities of an exceptional human being who just happens to be in sales. With focus and determination, I know you can maximize who you are today for great success. Those parts you do not have…work on them, believing you can develop what you need. 

The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Aristotle 

John and Jane Doe, salesperson. A salesperson barely alive. “Gentlemen, we can rebuild them. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic salesperson. John and Jane will be those persons 

Better than they were before. Better, stronger, faster… 

The Bionic Salesperson!

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