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50 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back – Part 4

If you carry joy in your heart, you can cure any moment.

Carlos Santana


Lost mojo can be about dreams unrealized and goals unfulfilled. It can be about the time component of your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) goaland you feel like time’s against you. You can think you have chosen the wrong profession and that sales is not for you. 

Before you give up on any part of your life, or any aspiration, give these “50 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back” a review – and give yourself another chance! 

#31 – Go back and review all of your goals. What did you write down about your life 1 year ago…10 years ago? I have put all my goals in binders since I was 20 (surprised?). The 20-year-old Brandon is telling the 56-year-old Brandon what it is like to dream…and dream BIG. What did you believe was once possible? Let that inspire you again! 

#32 – Define and refine what you really want at this stage of life. Ok, looking back at your goals may be eye-opening. What in the world were you thinking, believing such audacious goals were even possible…right? The fact that you had the audacity to write it down at some point of your life says something about yoand the goal. Sure, some of them may have been outlandish, but at the core, there is something to build on. An example for me is that a private jet is now replaced with 1st class travel.  Hey, I still get there in style! 

#33 –Define who you really are at this stage of life. Older, wiser and a few bumps and bruises to prove it. Your goals are important, but who you are right now is even more important. If you are 20 or 80, you must understand your gifts/talents and how you can leverage them to create a joyful life. Many of us are using gifts to do things that are not authentic to our true selves. To thine own self be true! 

#34 – Get a coach or mentor. Need some outside help defining who you are, what you are here to do and bringing out your best? Hire a coach. Introspection about your life is only valuable if it is an honest assessment. A coach or mentor will hold you accountable to the “true you” in a spirit of encouragement and tough love. 

#35 – Read motivational and inspiring books. When I feel my enthusiasm or optimism tank getting low (yes, it does happen!), I immediately pull one of my classic success books off the shelves. If you are not a reader, get an audio book. Words are a powerful way to connect to the deepest part of youwhere the answers are. 

#36 – Find a role model. There is a testimonial for every test you have ever encountered in life. We have more direct access to people and their stories via the internet and social media. “How I went from the bottom to the top of the sales leader board” is a searchable topic! You do not need hype or a sales pitch, but if you can see that someone else did ityou can too! Find someone whose life mirrors your own and take elements of their journey and apply it to yours. 

#37 –Review your achievements. Have you ever sat back and reviewed all the positive things you have done in life so far? We tend to focus on the things yet unaccomplished and beat ourselves up. You have done more than you think…if you look back with the right perspective. The 20-year-old Brandon would tell the 56-year-old Brandon, “Great job on our goals, we actually did some of this stuff! He would also tell him to “keep fighting, there is more left to do”.

#38 – Forgive yourself and others. You need a clean slate from which to start anew. Stop beating yourself up for lost opportunity and temporary failures (they are temporary until you quit!) Forgive yourself. Forgive those that you think hurt you or stole your chances for success. Victims get slaughtered and martyrs “burned at the stake”. Warriors fight the battle. Let it go and fight! 

#39 –Take a concrete action toward your smallest goal. If you have not exercised in some time, the first workout will produce soreness. If you have not exercised your “action muscle” in a while, don’t try to get it all back in one day. Choose a small goal and a small action and take it. Build on it slowly and allow inertia to take you fartherfaster. Get started today!  

#40 – Give yourself permission to try again. What does the number 11 represent? It represents the number 1 – on another level. Life may seem circular and cyclical, too. Sometimes, it seems we end up at the same crossroads but, we are actually on another level. You do not have the same problems as you had 5, 10 or 20 years agoThey are challenges on another level. The bar is higher so give yourself permission to try the new height. You may knock it down once or twice but continue in the effort. What you learn may help you do the “Fosbury Flop” (look it up!) and make it over! 

We are almost there. Do you feel that? It is mojo coming back. Thanks to the… 

50 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back! 

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