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50 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back – Part 3

Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

Joseph Campbell

Author and Literature Professor

Sometimes lost mojo isn’t about a lack of success. Even people who are #1 in their organization can burnout.  “A good problem to have” says someone struggling to make their quota. 

Lost mojo usually means something is missing. We may have professional success, but voids in our personal lives.  

Today, we focus on simple things that can help you reconnect to yourself with our“50 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back. 

#21 – Spend time with yourself. For high energy salespeople, the day is usually filled with ongoing activities that involve other people. Daily silence could be part of the cure for “talk overload”. It could be as simple as coffee on the front porch, or as Zen as 15 minutes of quiet reflection or devotion. Not only will it recharge your batteries, but some of your best ideas will come from sitting still! 

#22 – Do things you love. Work hard…play hard. My golf clubs sat idle for over 6 months and then I went to play. After that long absence, I realized it gave me joy to play. What do you love to do? Cook, write poetry, garden, or a particular sporting or cultural activity? Do more of the things that make you happy. Re-connect with outside pursuits that will give you mo-joy! 

#23 –Make exercise a part of daily routine. CrossFit, bike classes, or simple walks in the neighborhood. Matters not what exercise you choose; the benefits are many. It is another form of taking time for yourself so that you know you are important. It releases endorphins that can help reduce stress and provide a spike of happy energy. 

#24 – Eat Better. Sales people notoriously live on caffeine, sugar, and carbs. Long days and packed agendas open the door to bad nutritional habits. Forget the impact to your physiology…it also negatively impacts your psychology. You do not have to become a nutritionist, but you should be aware of better alternatives and make better choices every day. 

#25 – Go on a vacation (not a staycation). When was the last time you took a real vacation? It’s probably time you took a full week to enjoy a favorite spot or a dream location. If budget is a concern, get creative. You don’t have to spend big to plan a terrific getaway. That is the key…to get away!  

#26 – Get nostalgic. I looked at my old yearbook picture recently. I laughed at the young man with all the haiand all the big dreams. It made me realize how much life I had lived and how much more I wanted to do. It didn’t frustrate or depress me…it awakened old thoughts, ideas, and ideals that are still in me now. Yes, you run the risk of being reminded of some tough times, but you made it through them. That is also a way to get mojo back – seeing how resilient you are. 

#27 –Spend time with a friend. If you have been too busy to reach out to people who are important to you, it is time to re-connect. Sales can sometimes feel “isolated” and the only people we talk to are the people we are trying to sell to. If you are lucky enough to have close friends, stay connected. Share a laugh, good conversation and life. 

#28 – Sing a song. Science has proven that music has healing qualities and provides mental stimulation that is highly beneficial. We do not all like the same type of music and there are moods for the soundtracks of our lives. Nothing like having your song play before a big meeting. Update your iPod or iPhone and include songs that motivate and energize you. Really want to turn up the benefits. Sing along! 

#29 –Do something good for yourself. Some of us do things for everyone else and there may be no time or energy left for us. The rigorous nature of the sales profession sometimes makes us feel guilty for taking time off, or not returning that phone call in the next 5 minutes. It’s ok to be selfish every once in a while. Focusing on you will help you be better for everyone else. Think of 5 things that you want to do for yourself…and do them! 

#30 – Give yourself permission to feel good. All the points in the “50 Ways To Get Your Mojo” will be pointless, if you aren’t ready to feel better. My momma used to say, “Cry tonight…laugh in the morning”. It is ok to be “down”, but the key is not to stay down. 

We are a little more than halfway through…do you feel better?  

It is not the ideas that matter as much as the focus on feeling better. Doesn’t matter if one of the 50, or none of the 50 helps you – as long as you get your mojo back! 

Either way,  I will take credit! Hey, taking credit is one of my50 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back! 

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