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Pursue Your Greatness: One Down!

One man with courage is a majority.

Thomas Jefferson

American Founding Father

The last few days, I have talked to several people who have set big goals for themselves for 2021. I asked them what they needed in order to make it happen. In different forms, each one of them said they would need help and support of other people. The problem –the people closest to them didn’t have goals that aligned with theirs. 

Most of us know what it is like to be challenged by people around us, who, even when well-meaning, are dousing water on the fire of our desire. 

That is normal.

Agreement is a great thing, but real agreement is hard to come by. Ever tried to get 5 people to agree on where to go to lunch? At some point, the debate between Italian, Chinese and Mexican must stop, and someone must get in the car, start driving…and lead. 

You want people to believe in something you just declared, and a declaration is not enough for someone else to join in, with faith.  People rally around people who know…and who do. Here a 3 things to focus on before you start asking people to agree to follow you:

  • Get to know your ideas. Before you share with your key people, take time to think about the goal. The more time you spend considering your ideas, the more vivid your ideas will become. The more vivid your ideas, the more persuasive you will be when you express it to others. 
  • Start doing. People rally around people who are going somewhere, who are in motion. Those demonstrating faith…with action. An idea or goal devoid of action, is an empty promise or idle wish. Movement is faith in demonstration. Actions speak louder than words. 
  • Ride solo. For a season, you will have to believe alone, but begin taking the necessary steps. As you begin to dig, all that others will see, is a hole. For a while, only you will know you are digging with purpose. Eventually, people will ask, “What is that hole for?”  Thenand only then, you can tell them your mission and purpose. 

Some will be spectators. Some will be haters and otherscheerleaders – you need them all. From that crowd will emerge those that are connected to you in purpose and they will join in. Then the power of agreement can do its multiplicative work in helping you get there faster. 

If two of you agree and can harmonize together, anything and everything you may ask will come to pass and be done for you…” Matthew 18:19 (excerpt from Amplified Bible) 

For now, you are fine going it alone. One is not the loneliest number. It is the number of great beginnings. 


One down… 

Pursue Your Greatness.

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