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Two to Go!

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

Founder of Ford Motor Company

“People…who need people…are the luckiest people in the world.” (Barbra Streisand can sang!) 

I know, I know. Just yesterday, I told you to ride solo in Pursuit of Your Greatness. I told you that it does not make sense to try to convince people that something that you “feel” will work, warrants their support and involvement. At the same time…you need people.   The great paradox of life. While you must begin alone, you can only finish with the help of others. 

The great challenge? 

Finding and engaging the people who are called to be part of your team. 

As a child, like many of you, I loved the Wizard of Oz (I could have said the Magnificent 7 as well, but fewer folks have seen that one!). As I got older, I could see so many rich metaphors between Dorothy and how she built the team that helped her become successful. Since you are familiar with Dorothy’s story, let’s use the strategies and techniques she used to build a successful coalition:

  • Tell them where you are going. Provide details, including challenges. Relay them with passion, enthusiasm and confidence. You inspire others with your images of the future. When you articulate your vision, be sure to describe the future in detail with vivid words and metaphors. Make your ideas and strategies more concrete via sketches, step-by-step action plans or mock-up models, so that others can readily grasp your intent. 
  • Tell them what’s in it for them. A brain, a heart…some courage. The things they get, must be more than just wages to pay the bills – that is an employee, not a strategic partner. You need to get to the heart (yes, I know!) of what will motivate them. Most start-ups do not even pay their core people for years, because they all see the bigger picture payoff. You have no right to expect help if you do not provide a proper motive. 
  • Establish each person’s strengths, weaknesses and let that help define their role. Surround yourself with specifically talented people who are eager to put your vision into motion. Some will have gifts you do not. Delegate and trust them to do their part. Accountability will keep everyone honest to the process. They will feel exhilarated by your trust and use of their talents, and you can harness their energy to propel the vision towards reality. 

You now have the beginnings of a strategic alliance, a team…a Mastermind Group…ah, next time! 

One down…two to go! 

Pursue Your Greatness.

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