Delay Is Not Denial


Happy Monday!

Delay is not Denial.

Some of you have heard the title before…probably in church.  I used to think it was an emotional “salve” applied to make people feel better about the fact that things weren’t happening as fast as they wanted in their lives.

I thought it provided a window for people to procrastinate or put off making vital decisions or taking critical action.  If we are honest, people love to use spiritual excuses for their human challenges…living in self-denial.

Being older and wiser, I have amended some of that perspective.  I realize that you can think, plan and act with urgency and tenacity, and sometimes the thing you want remains elusive.  


The other day I was traveling and my return flight home was delayed.  I got alerts on my phone 3 times; adding 30 minutes, 1 hour and then 2 hour delays to my departure time.   It was already late, the day had been good…but long. 

I found an isolated spot to hunker down for the wait.  I tried taking a nap and when I couldn’t fall off, I decided to read.  It was a book I had bought over a year ago but had never gotten to.   It sparked several ideas, which I feverishly began to write down.  At the end of the 2 hours, I had 4 pages of notes and ideas.  I felt excited, energized and refreshed.  I had become so engrossed in what I was doing that I missed my zone being called.  

My flight took off without incident.  Even though I had a middle row seat, I had a great power nap on the plane, and arrived some safely.

For a moment, think of the thing that seems delayed in your life.  That thing by way of your effort and persistence that still seems elusive.  Hold it in your mind for a moment without anxiety, frustration or worry.

Do you have it?

First – check your strategy.  If it is good, don’t change a thing.  Second – check your effort.  If you are giving it your all, stay the course.

Third – Could it be possible that the delay is serving to give you a more complete victory in multiple areas of your life?  Could it be there is something even more glorious awaiting you than what you had planned?  Is there the possibility that the extra time is for you to be better prepared for what is about to happen?

If #1 & #2 are in line, I have a sneaking suspicion that what is happening (or apparently not happening!) in your life today is found in #3, because now I understand that…

Delay is not Denial!

Pursue Your Greatness…until next time, I wish you Money, Power, Success!

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