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Ah… Push it!

A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.

Elbert Hubbard


A couple of years ago, I saw Salt-n-Pepa on a Geico commercial. Just as I was about to say how cheesy it was, I was struck by two thoughts:

They are still doing what they love and have found an innovative way to generate a living from it…good for them! 

And to get what you want out of life you must Push It! 

Just read a statistic that said that most people have already lost energy and focus on their resolutions. It’s not even March yet. That doesn’t show much resolve. Some people take the path of least resistance and some people turn back at the first sign of resistance. The people who begin, endure and finish are the people that Push It! Yes, they Push It Real Good (I couldn’t resist!). 

Are you still focused on your goals for the year? 

There are some common traits of people that achieve while Pursuing Their Greatness. Let me give you my top three as it relates to Pushing It! 

  • Tenacity – Go at it hard! Tenacity is a word that describes the level of effort exerted while doing a task. Only you know if you are giving it your all, or if you are giving half-hearted effort. That is the key to tenacity…you’ve got to have heart! 

We will either find a way or make one.  Hannibal 

  • Persistence – Go at it hard every day! In Pursuit of Your Greatness, there will have to be some things that are non-negotiable. You must schedule the tasks that lead to your goal. What would you do with an employee that didn’t show up for work two days, every week, without notice, or worse, full of excuses? Thought so! 

You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.  Jerry West 

  • Patience – Go at it hard every day until it gives way! Patience seems benign, weak and inert, but patience is a powerful tool in the arsenal of achievement. Not the variety of patience where you sit back and wait for it, but the kind of patience that engages tenacity and persistence until the once impossible becomes inevitable! 

Let patience have it’s perfect work that you should be perfect and entire, lacking no good thing.  James 1:4 

Take a look around you. While most have already thrown in the towel, I know that you will not go that quietly. Dig deep. Your reservoir of power is still full. You must direct that precious energy in the direction of your greatness. Let go of timidity, passivity and fear, and engage Tenacity, Persistence and Patience. 

Know what you must do? 

Ah…Push It!  Pursue Your Greatness 

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