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Lost and Found – Part 1

Not until we are lost we do not begin to understand ourselves.

Henry David Thoreau

American Author

I have two small dogs…Taco and Boostie. 

Correction, my daughter has two dogs but since she is off at college, we keep them. Be clear, I am a dog person, but there are times they impede on our newfound freedom as empty nesters. Not to mention the late-night barking at “ghosts”, the feedings…the poop. Don’t worry Faith, I love them on your behalf. 

A friend of mine lost her dog the other day. It made me think of a recent time when Taco ran off for greener pastures (or to teach me a lesson!). I got sick thinking of what I would tell Faith…then I realized I loved the dog. Losing him would hurt me, too. 

Ever lose something? 

I have been traveling, doing road shows and speaking with 100’s of salespeopleIf the size of the group isn’t too big, I go around the room to let people introduce themselves and say what they want to get from the session. While it may be stated in various ways, the common refrain is to “recapture something they have lost”. 

I have lost my focus. 

I have lost my love for the business. 

I have lost my ambition. 

I have lost my way. 

I know that sounds dramatic, but these statements are more common than you might think for many people in sales. Not just the “down and out” crowd who are struggling, but also the top achievers who are successful. It can manifest in symptoms such as procrastination, avoidance of necessary tasks, irritability at home, and others. 

What would you tell me about the current state of your sales psyche? A better question would be, how did you feel getting up this morning? At 6am (are you sleeping later than that?) each day, we have a choice. To get up and out, attacking each day with zeal and enthusiasm, or to hit the snooze button. That decision determines if you are “self-employed” or “unemployed”. 

I understand sales is a tough business. Yes, the Emancipation, Gratification and Remuneration I always talk about are the perks, but even a child can’t/won’t eat candy all day…every day. Sometimes a piece of raw broccoli must be eaten. There will be some bad days, but you should not be having bad weeks…or months…or years. 

If you are not excited to get up and get your day started, I have one more question… 

Have you lost your mojo? 

If you have, then the next few Daily Sales Crumbs will help you find it. Lost mojo is part of the cycle of life and signifies that we need to change, adapt, search anew. What you have lost is not gone, it simply needs re-discovery…an awakening to what is possible for this stage of your life. 

How do I know we will find it? 

Taco came home. It wasn’t my incessant calling his name. It was not the chip in his body that provided his location. It was time for dinner. 

His instincts brought him back. 

It will be the same for you. Intellect may be driving the feelings you have right now that are robbing you of ambition, focus and desire. “Rational thoughts” of fear, frustration and anxiety produced by the “smart part” of your brain feeding you the “facts” about your life… 

It is time instincts lead you home. 

Good news! My friend found her dog, too! That is how life works sometimes. 

Lost…and found! 

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