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50 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back – Part 1

Victory is in fighting and winning the small battles. The checkered flag may not be waving, but at least it is not the white flag of defeat. 

Brandon L Clay

Storyteller. Strategist. Coach

At most jobs, you show up, sit down, they tell you what to do and a pile of work is placed before you. Most of it is automatic pilot – your first real thought does not have to happen until about noon – What am I eating for lunch? 

Ever had one of those types of jobs? 

On the opposite spectrum, sales is a psyche profession. 

Salespeople are almost like boxers in a championship bout. They must dance around the ring, do deep knee bends, and “fake punch” the air. The people in our corner tell us we are the best and that we can do this. The bell goes off and we fight for our lives. 

We’re ready for our daily fight…most of the time. 

I know there are times we become lethargic and disconnected. There are times that we wish we could just shut it all off. That makes you human. 

Everyone loses their mojo.  It is part of the human experience.

What makes you extraordinary is fighting back (cue the Rocky theme music!). Not making a permanent assessment of your life based on a temporary feeling. Paul Simon once sang about 50 ways

slip out the back Jack, make a new plan Stan…you remember? 

The next few days, we are going to attempt to find “50 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back”. Today, will deal mainly with diagnosing why you are a quart (or gallon) low on mojo. 

 #1 – Shut it all down. Not a cop out…but a cope out. Sure, the weekend could be a good time to totally disconnect, but it is also filled with activities and obligations. Wednesday is typically the best day so you can still have two days before, and two days after to work. Hey, doctors play golf on Wednesdays. You must get your mind right, and silence is the best way to accomplish that! 

#2 – What’s really wrong. Ask a child why the long face and they will say, “nothing”. We do the same when our “get up and go, has got up and went”. Focus on what is really bothering you. You cannot conquer what you won’t confront. Find it first…deal with it later. 

#3 – Is it me? The sales manager or the bad client is just the “fruit” of lost mojo. Something going on with you is likely the “root”. Don’t be mad with the messenger! At least since it is you, it is something you can fix! 

#4 – Write it down. A sales goal in your mind is one thing – a sales goal written down becomes a quota! The things you discover in #2 & #3 are worth seeing in print, so they become important to address. Thoughts can change every moment. The written word is indelible and unchangeable – if it must be dealt with, write it down! 

#5 – Talk it out. Are you fortunate enough to have someone to talk to? Someone that would understand and not judge, but also not enable you by joining in on the pity party? If they are in sales, all the better. If thinking about your lost mojo is a level one cure, and writing it down is level two, then talking to someone and bearing your soul…off the charts! 

#6 – Listen. Can you take the potential criticism that may come back as a result of bearing your soul? If you trust the source (choose confidants wisely – no water cooler folks!), then you must be ready to “hear with a willing ear” and prepared to accept their assessment of you (see #3 again!). 

#7 – Change one thing. “Abracadabra, wave your magic wand.  What would you change? What one thing, if it were different, would bring about the greatest change and have the most impact? A new job?  Are you sure? You still take “you” with you – in a few months you will be here again. Find something that you can work on changing that will truly re-charge your batteries. 

#8 – New goals – Lost mojo is sometimes a result of living in “status quo” …mediocrity. You have achieved many of the things you wrote down 10 years ago and now life is passé. Write down 3 new goals for your life. The kind of goals that scare you and inspire you at the same time. Regardless of your age and stage, you still have gas left in the tank.  Hit the accelerator with audacious goals! 

#9 – Visualize. You now have some fresh perspectives on where you are today, what you are going to change and where it is going to take you. Begin to imagine the possibilities of this phase of your life. See the current challenges diminishing into distant memories…  Soon to be forgotten. Visualize the newly energized you meeting the new challenges that will take you to your higher goals and aspirations. The mind is a powerful time machine…use it to see a successful future! 

#10 – Celebrate. If you get through the first 10 of these and feel better…celebrate! I have finally learned to enjoy the process and not just the outcome. Victory is in fighting and winning the small battles. The checkered flag may not be waving, but at least it is not the white flag of defeat. Celebrate the fact that you have decided to fight(Cue the Rocky music…again!) 

Do what you must do to get your fight back, to get your groove back. Keep looking until you find it,  cause there must be… 

50 Ways To Get Your Mojo! 

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Brandon L Clay

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