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50 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back- Part 2

Your Mojo is “that positive spirit toward what you are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside.”

Marshall Goldsmith

Author & Leadership Coach

We define ourselves by our work. 

Right after we tell a stranger our name, we tell them what we do for a living. Spouses, children, hobbies and alma mater come later in the conversation.  It all starts with work…our profession. 

For most jobs, lost mojo is just challenging. In most jobs, you can fake it until things get better.  You can hide in the sea of 1,000’s of employees. 

Lost mojo in sales is devastating and debilitating. There is nowhere to hidenowhere to run.  

The whole operation depends on you! 

Today, we focus on your work with our “50 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back”. 

#11 – Start work sooner. Your goal in the morning should not be to to just beat the starting gun, where you hit the desk 5 minutes before the chaos begins. An early start lets you calm your mind and do the things you need to do…uninterrupted. Do you need to start 30 minutes earlier?  An hour? The impact of starting earlier will do wonders for your work psyche and reduce daily frustration! 

#12 – Learn a new product. To give your business a jolt, take an objective look at what you offer today and what you know your clients are buying. Chances are you are missing out on opportunities. Grow your mind and your business with additional relevant products. 

#13 –Get another license or designation. To take your business to the next level, do you need more credentials? I am in insurance and agents can vastly improve their income opportunity with additional licenses and designations. Classroom environments provide great mental stimulation on how to improve yourself and your business. 

#14 – Manage your clutter. What would a look at your office or the backseat of your car reveal? Thought so! Part of what robs you of energy, is lack of organization. As you get to work earlier (see #11) begin to slowly but surely get a handle on your clutter and organize! 

#15 – Try a new lead source. Nothing can help you get out of a rut like activity. You just added a new product (see #12) and now you need clients to demonstrate your latest offering. Engage a new lead source to do pre-set appointments or customized direct mail. Short on funds? Build your own telemarketing campaign – plan, implement and execute (hey, this is still work!).  

#16 – Create a structure to your day. Most salespeople react to the things that happen during the day –phone calls, emails, and other real time events. That randomness can rob you of the continuity and rhythm that allows you to be the most effective. Block your day into sections that give you focused time to accomplish necessary tasks. You will get more done in less time and take back the control you need in order to feel productive and successful! 

#17 –Use technology to do more. Along with #14 and #16, you can use technology to help manage many of your daily tasks more efficiently. Tablets, smartphones and computers are amazing in what they can do these days. Are you behind? Most technology stores (like Apple and Microsoft) offer free classes for business professionals on how to leverage current “toys and tools”. My good friend Daniels says,  “old school rules, new school tools”. Don’t get left behind! 

#18 – Get an accountability partner. Sales is an individual sport. That may be a contributing factor to some of your loss of mojo. We all need connection. Find a like-minded professional and create a partnership. One where you hold each other accountable for daily activities and weekly results. Get on each other, as needed, but celebrate the successes as well. Having someone who understands what you are up against can eliminate the excuses and provide you with new energy to meet challenges. 

#19 –Hire an assistant The average sales person’s day is filled with a lot of non-revenue generating activities. Paperwork (even if by computer) can be arduous as many salespeople are “two finger typists”. Can’t afford it? Find a couple of other people and share an assistant. Regardless, hiring an assistant will easily pay for itself, and help you get your mojo back! 

#20 – Attend industry training seminars and workshops. Free breakfast/lunch and some good ideas that can help you jump start your business…what’s not to like? Even if you must pay to attend, getting in an environment of people who are successful, or desire success can provide you with ideas and energy to break out of a slump. Get out from behind your desk and get to where the action is. 

I will keep putting the ideas out there and you must find the things that will work for you. The key is to understand you will come out of your funk using some (or all) of the… 

50 Ways To Get Your Mojo! 

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